Met Gala celebrities strike again with unforgettable looks

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As the very first line of Harper’s Bazaar article reads, “Fashionphiles, the time has arrived.” For what, you may ask? To discuss the most luxurious night of rich fashion celebrity looks, of course.

The Met Gala, a long-standing tradition in the fashion world, started in 1948 when publicist Eleanor Lambert created a fundraising gala for the newly-founded Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art to start its annual exhibits. It started off as a modest gathering, with tickets only costing $50. Since then, costs have grown up to $75,000, according to editorial partnerships fellow Mykenna Maniece from Business Insider.

Over the years, it gained Vogue’s attention. The magazine’s editor-in-chief during the 1970s, Diana Vreeland, gave the gala its signature annual theme. Afterwards, the event would gain the famous red carpet and widespread media coverage. 

This year’s Met Gala theme was “Garden of Time.” With the Met Gala being streamed and posted on social media platforms like Instagram and Tik Tok, reactions were plentiful as the designs were unique.

“The sort of vibe that results is really floral and archaic, kind of like a fancy garden ball. There were a lot of weird looks but also a lot of killer ones,” sophomore Lindsey Cheng said. 

When discussing her favorite looks, she picked Natasha Poonawalla in Maison Margiela.

“She really nailed the timeless theme with the black on white, and the stretched black fabric gives such an ethereal, almost photoshopped vibe. I didn’t know fabric could do that,” Cheng said.

Some celebrity looks evoked awe for their sheer size. Cardi B’s dress, designed by Chinese brand Windowsen, had to be carried by 7 men. Additionally, the celebrity rapper wore a diamond necklace featuring a 141-carat Colombian emerald by Indian jewelry house Kamyen, according to Vogue India writer Mozart Gonzalves.

“While it didn’t fit the theme too well, it was loud,” senior Emma Kolb said. Others agreed at how well Cardi B’s character was expressed through this dress. “[Cardi B] is brave and confident and her look shows that,” said freshman Meng Lin.

Further discussions were raised about Camila Cabello’s look, made with 15 pounds of Swarovski crystals and complemented with a melting block of ice as a purse. “It fits the theme of time passing and destroying what she was wearing,” Kolb said. While it was technically on theme, others commented on its lack of elegance.

Discourse was also brought up about Michelle Yeoh’s Balenciaga “tin foil” dress. Kolb disliked the lack of effort and comprehensiveness to the theme, while Lin believed it complimented the woman’s structure. Because of the fabric’s reflective capabilities, it blended the line between skin and fabric.

Speaking of blending skin and fabric, Tyla’s hourglass look was one of the most memorable ones on the carpet. Created by Balmain, the dress was so stiff that the young star had to be carried up the stairs. As a quick fix, the singer would be cut out of the long, trailing skirt, leaving a mini version of the dress. The dress was coated with a sandy surface, reminiscent of sand dunes. The star accessorized with an hourglass bag, rhinestones dripping from her nails, and minimal gold jewelry.

A last look worth mentioning is that of debuting Indian fashion entrepreneur Mona Patel. Dressed in Iris Van Herpen, Patel caught the attention of many with her engineered arm cuffs. The entrepreneur added an element of movement to her work with the designs of artist Casey Curran, who worked to imitate the movement of transcendental and spiritual forms, catching the eye of engineers.

To close off, many were left with renewed inspiration after a night filled to the brim with so many unforgettable looks.

“I loved the Met Gala this year. The innovation was off the charts, and the outfits were so creative. In particular, I loved Zendaya’s outfits. Her dresses were like a breath of fresh air. It was so refreshing to see something new,” sophomore Sasha Kay Lindo said.

As many others, an artist is sure to be inspired to create something that upstages the looks she has already witnessed. In my interpretation of the Met Gala theme, I decided to portray the beauty of life through a sakura tree. “Cherry blossoms are a symbolic flower of the spring, a time of renewal, and the fleeting nature of life. Their life is very short,” writer Erina Takeda said in the Smithsonian Folklife Festival Blog. To push the theme of time, I used clock hands as jewelry, fully encompassing the “Garden of Time” theme.

Alina, a rising sophomore at American Heritage, is looking forward to her first year on the Patriot Post. Apart from reporting, she’s very involved in the arts and can often be found creating a new painting in her free time. Alina enjoys ballroom dancing, music, fashion, literature, and mathematics as she is a part of the math competition team, the National English Honor Society, and the National Art Honor Society. Nevertheless, her recent discovery of her passion for journalism has inspired her to capture the rhythm of life at American Heritage this coming year.