Publication students win at FSPA

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Patriots TV, Yearbook Spotlight and The Patriot Post students traveled to the District 7 Florida Scholastic Press Association (FSPA) Convention Friday Sept. 29 at Pompano Beach High School.

Students attended workshops to learn about various publication topics such as creating a great headline or learning how to use student voices in articles.

Students also sent in work Friday Sept. 15 to be judged, Here are the winners:

FSPA Quick Turns

Quick Turn Written Commentary American Heritage Plantation, iPatriotPost Irene John

Student Profile (Written) American Heritage Plantation, iPatriotPost Kayra Dayi

FSPA Digital Contests

All Florida:

Alina Sukhovskaya – All-Florida Deadline Illustration

Anya Pinto – All-Florida Journalist at Work Photo 

Zoe Horwitz, Anya Pinto Lauren Wong – All-Florida Newspaper Opinion Page

Kayra Dayi – All-Florida Deadline Illustration 

Anya Pinto, Lauren Wong, Jadyn Jacobson -Excellent Newsmagazine Opinion Page

Cara Xie- Excellent Deadline Written News Story

Sadie Loughlin – Excellent Deadline Written News Story. 

Anya Pinto – Excellent Journalist at Work

Honorable Mentions:

Jadyn Jacobson – Deadline Photo Challenge

Ann Hershkovitz – Classroom Narrative Story

Lauren Wong – Written Commentary

Nicholas Kwok – Deadline Module

Nina Goncalves Vieira – Literary Magazine Spread

Ellaheh Gohari – Classroom Narrative Story

Irene John – Deadline Written News Story

Ellaheh Gohari – Student Life Photo

Stella Agratchev – Student Life Photo

Lauren Wong – Written Commentary

Ellaheh Gohari – Written Commentary

Ishaa Khosla – Deadline Module

Nina Holt – Sports Practice Photo

Ishaa Khosla, Simran Gill,  and Luna Mancuso – Yearbook Preliminary Theme Package

Emma Delgado – Student Life Photo

Gabriela Quatela – Student Life Photo

Eleonor Tsimbal – Student Life Photo

Isabella Vera – Student Life Photo

Keynote speaker Josh Ritchie starts off FSPA’s opening session discussing his experience as a photographer. He described his work as a freelancer who has taken commercial portraits and narratives of clients such as Apple Inc. and Nike. (Photo/Shreya Shanmugam)

FSPA attendees wait to attend the convention’s workshops. (Photo/Shreya Shanmugam)

Content editor Isabella Cely Garcia from the CHAT newspaper explains how journalism can help writers raise awareness about topics they are passionate about. Garcia emphasized the need for reporters to pay attention to the world around them in order to write compelling articles. (Photo/Shreya Shanmugam)


Students learned how to create videos that tell a story through various elements such as lighting, focus and framing in videographer Jim Guarasci’s workshop about cinematography. (Photo/Shreya Shanmugam)

Shreya is a senior here at American Heritage. Apart from Newspaper, she participates in clubs and extracurriculars such as Key Club, Model UN, YIS, HOSA, PBS and AASA. She loves writing, listening to music, watching TV shows and editing videos. She has been dancing for almost all her life and has a love for business and computer science. She plans on channeling these interests into her future career and exploring them further throughout high school. When she am not reading or rewatching Netflix shows, she is riding her bike or swimming in the pool.