Ranking Bath and Body Works Fall Collection

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Autumn arrives each year with a variety of warm and comforting scents. Bath and Body Works captures those magical scents in candles, lotions, sprays and soaps. This year, the company released a new line of spooky themed scents. 

Pumpkin Pecan Waffles:

Bath and Body Works doesn’t often use pumpkins well in their lotions and soaps; the scent always ends up being much too strong or barely detectable at all. Unfortunately, this scent was a similar disappointment. I couldn’t detect a hint of actual pumpkin scent, instead the overwhelming maple and vanilla scent made a sickly sweet combination that left me slightly dizzy. As faint as the pumpkin is, the unpleasant syrupy smell lingers for a long time after washing your hands thoroughly. Overall, I’m definitely not a fan. (Photo/Sadie Loughlin)

Spellbinding Sweets:

With its neon green packaging, this soap is definitely eye-catching. Plus, its promises of smelling like “all of your trick-or-treat dreams come true” was also alluring. While this candy-themed scent seemed like a sweet idea, in reality the artificial bubblegum smell mirrored the sickly cloying feeling that the Pecan Waffles did. It wasn’t nearly as bad and it certainly doesn’t linger for very long after, but there are still much better scents in the collection. (Photo/Sadie Loughlin)

Wicked Vanilla Woods:

This lotion wasn’t necessarily bad, it was just much too plain. The vanilla scent was not off-putting like the previous two scents, but it still was not unique enough to stand out . The pink pepper included in the lotion is nearly discernible, and it gives it a very refreshing feeling. Overall, Vanilla Woods is a warm, refreshing scent, but too plain to be particularly exceptional. (Photo/Sadie Loughlin)

Moonlit Graveyard:

Marketing wise, this bottle stands out. Without a doubt, this lotion has the best packaging of the collection. The colors and designs work together to make the bottle incredibly beautiful and appealing, while the scent was earthy and refreshing, although again a bit too faint. This is a good choice for anyone who wants an understated, classy scent. (Photo/Sadie Loughlin)

Midnight Spell:

This scent is a cool, leafy scent. Similar to Moonlit Garden, but stronger and with the extra originality  that was missing before. The rich scent also lasts a long time, leaving a pleasantly refreshing after scent. (Photo/Sadie Loughlin)

Everlasting Magic: 

This lotion’s design is distinctive and it matches the scent to a tee. The soft floral scent with a hint of vanilla makes it stand out in the spooky collection. Unfortunately, the lotion and soap doesn’t last as long as I like, but the candle version is fantastic. (Photo/Sadie Loughlin)

Vampire Blood:

This was by far my favorite out of not just this collection, but maybe the whole store. The sweet smell isn’t overpowering and the berry undertones  give it a special tang. In addition, the soap also includes the smell of roses, counteracting any would-be sickly sweet scent. This long-lasting scent also comes with a gorgeous package sure to reel you in. (Photo/Sadie Loughlin)