Speak Up: Why you shouldn’t be silent in the #BlackLivesMatter Movement

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Over 5 million people have signed the “Justice For George Floyd” petition, making it the largest petition on Change.org. (Photo/ Star Tribune)

With the recent tragedies of black murders like Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd fueling many to take action and protest against racially-driven violence, others have felt as if they have nothing to say about the situation. However, silence is the last thing the situation needs at this point in time.

There wouldn’t be a need for the #BlackLivesMatter movement if there weren’t injustice. Black lives are taken every day in the name of self-defense, mistaken identity and simply just because, leaving many of us tired of the blatant inequity in not only the justice system, but within America.

The reason it is so important for people of privilege to stand up and speak within the movement is because black people have fought for so long and continue to not be seen or heard.

To truly create change and encourage action, we must first speak out about how we feel. Every voice has influence and the more voices we obtain, the louder we cry for justice in our community. If the issue of white supremacy continues to drive our society and is not resolved, then we will continue to encounter the same problems over and over again.

Some simple ways to contribute to the movement if you’re not in a place to protest include signing petitions (some are as simple as texting FLOYD to 55156), donating to Black Lives Matter, emailing people of power within your community (like mayors or governors), speaking with black people and listening to their experiences and educating yourself on race and racial injustice.

As a senior, Emily spends her second year on staff as both a copy editor and entertainment editor. Outside newspaper, Emily plays violin in the school orchestra and leads Dead Poets Society as president. When she's not at school, however, Emily enjoys writing poetry, repeatedly watching the same movies and, sometimes, succeeding in her goal of reading five books a week.


  1. Thank you for this clear explanation of why we all need to speak out against racism.

  2. Great article Emily! Thanks for speaking up and giving us insight on such an important issue that’s plaguing America.

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