The grind never stops: summer opportunities at Heritage

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While school may be out for the summer, the hustle and bustle at American Heritage School never stops. With multiple summer programs including camps, classes and clubs, students, no matter the age, can always find something to do at Heritage over the break. 

One occupation for high schoolers is becoming a counselor or a counselor-in-training (CIT). Working as a counselor at Heritage is a good option  for students who want to stay active over summer as you can receive either money or service hours for helping. 

Incoming Sophomore Zoe Obanu, a CIT in Junior Robotics Camp, describes that, even though it’s a lot of work keeping her campers focused, it’s extremely rewarding to see the students complete their own missions. The camp has helped her get to know the team better and learn more in-depth techniques about robotics. 

Heritage also offers specialized camps so students can immerse themselves in their interests. There are camps for robotics, video production, musical theater and various sports, along with regular camp offerings. 

“The ultimate purpose of this summer camp is to introduce kids to science early on by making science and discovery exciting for them, hopefully sparking a passion…. As someone who’s really passionate and fascinated about science, I love getting to spread this passion with others,” said senior Alana Lodin, a senior counselor at the Science Adventure Camp.

In addition to a wide variety of summer camps, Heritage also offers summer institute classes, so students can take high school credit classes over the summer, clearing their schedule for a new class in the fall. Enrichment classes offered include chemistry, algebra, physical education, PSAT Prep and much more. 

Clubs like speech and debate also provide classes so students can write and rehearse speeches over the summer before they become busy with school. Science Research allows students time over break to start work on competitive research projects, with the hope of being published by the end of the program. “I joined science research because it was a new opportunity for me, as I am really interested in science. I think summer research is worth it because I’ve met new people and my project has really evolved into what it is. I definitely would say I have a deeper understanding of science,” stated incoming seventh grader Anjali Patel. 

While spending summer time at school might not seem like the most ideal situation, Heritage offers a variety of rewarding experiences for high schoolers to help pass the time.

The signs posted designate the appropriate drop-off areas for over 50 different camps, all based on different interests and ages. Students have the option to attend a camp online or in person. (Photo/Emma Delgado)

Emma, a current sophomore at American Heritage, is extremely excited to be joining the Patriot Post Staff this year! As an active reader and writer, she is often found scribbling away in a notebook or devouring a novel. Outside of newspaper, she is an active member of Science Research, Model UN, Science Olympiad, Key Club, and much more. In her rare free time, you can find her watching musicals, volunteering at an assisted living facility for the memory-loss, or catching up on her latest TV drama.