Triple threat: Science Olympiad regional wins at UF

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After months of switching around teams and late night practices, club advisor Mrs. Jennifer Page and senior President Wynona Brinkmann put together three strong Science Olympiad teams of bright, science-loving students ranging from grades 9-12.

Bright and early at 4:45 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 25, 2023, Science Olympiad competitors gathered at the 9000 to pack up their pre-built machines and supplies to head to Florida Atlantic University. 

In addition to the three high school teams, two middle schools teams also competed in a separate division, making a grand total of 74 competitors. Everyone crammed into the “home base” classroom where students frantically studied at the last minute with their partners while munching on donuts and “Little Bites” muffins. 

Each team of 15 competitors participated in 23 different events ranging from engineering projects to chemistry experiments to written tests. Most students competed in two or more events so everyone was busy. “I competed in both Disease Detectives (an event based around epidemiology and health science) and Detector Building (an engineering event in which students have to construct a scale),” sophomore Iris Fan said. “The events were completely different from one another so I had to work hard to dedicate enough time to studying both events.”

The events officially began at 9 a.m. and continued until 3 p.m. The awards were presented  an hour later. Team one was named the third place overall winner and team two and team three followed behind in fifth and eighth place, respectively. Thus, all teams are moving forward to states March 25, 2023 at the University of Florida.

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All photos from AHS Science Olympiad

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