A playlist for spring

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Nothing says spring like listening to happy feel-good music as the season represents new beginnings when flowers blossom and nature thrives. 

Willow — Taylor Swift

“Willow” has an almost magical feeling about it, almost as if Swift is “casting a spell” on her listeners. The lead single in the album “evermore,” the song is, according to Swift, about “intrigue, desire, and the complexity that goes into wanting someone.” This soft-paced indie-folk song is perfect for relaxing and daydreaming.

Best Day Of My Life — American Authors

The song gives listeners an uplifting feeling with its optimistic lyrics pushing people to look for the best in life and celebrate everything they have. With lyrics such as “I jumped so high I touched the clouds” and “I stretched my hands out to the sky,” it conveys an overjoyous feeling. The song’s carefree and whimsical  music video also helps transport the viewer into a dream.

Put Your Records On — Ritt Momney

This song immediately puts you in a relaxing mood with its slow pop music and lyrics. The song’s lyrics communicate that everything will be alright while the tune has a sunny ambiance. “Put Your Records On”  was originally released seven years ago by Corinne Bailey Rae, but Ritt Momney decided to cover the song infusing it with a modern-pop sound. He describes the tune as the “epitome of a joyful, hopeful song” which reminds one of a “simpler time.”

Daylight — Taylor Swift

Swift’s “Daylight” sounds just like its name, making it the perfect song for spring. The song’s lyrics communicate Swift finally finding peace and (day)light after all of her struggles in past relationships. The song’s positive messages and soft happy tune makes it a great addition to the Spring playlist. 

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