Album review: Harry’s House

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With 13 new songs, Harry Styles made his comeback in the music industry Friday, May 20, with his new album titled  “Harry’s House.” (Photo/Spotify)

After waiting almost three years, to say that I was excited for Harry Styles’ new album, “Harry’s House,” would be an understatement. Fortunately, the album proved to be everything I expected and more. 

Harry Styles released the first song for “Harry’s House, “As it Was,” March 31, a month before the rest of the album. “As it Was,” detailed Styles’ inability to share his feelings and move on from his past experiences. The song featured personal lyrics, such as “Answer the phone/‘Harry you’re no good alone/Why are you sitting at home on the floor?/What kind of pills are you on?’” and the beat was different from anything Styles had ever heard released. Even from this one song, I could tell that “Harry’s House” would be intimate and authentic. 

Both the beat and titles of the songs on “Harry’s House” were heavily influenced by old rock music. The album sampled Brother Johnson’s 1978 song “Ain’t We Funkin’ Now,” and one of the songs in the album, “Love of My Life,” had the same title as one of Queen’s songs. Styles clearly wasn’t afraid to step out of his comfort zone and try something new.

Some of the best songs on the album were “Little Freak,” “Daydreaming,” “Satellite” and “Love of My Life.” “Satellite,” a song about being in love with somebody who does not see you romantically, was simply “out of this world” with its lively beat and well-written lyrics, “Spinnin’ out,/waitin’ for ya/to pull me in/I can see you’re lonely down there/Don’t you know that I am right here?” “Little Freak,” did not really strike me as an emotional song, but to my surprise it actually was. A beautiful melody accompanied Styles as he sang about regretting ending a relationship and the nostalgia and heartbreak felt looking back on it. 

Daydreaming” featured a very upbeat melody even though the meaning was not quite as cheerful. Styles sang about growing too attached to your significant other and feeling as if you were  “in a daydream” whenever you were with them.

However, out of my four favorite songs, one stood out to me the most. “Love of My Life” had me in tears from the moment the first note hit. Styles sang about falling out of a relationship with someone who you thought was the love of your life. The song was, simply put, beautiful and it felt like a piece straight from Style’s heart. With just one song, he was able to have individuals all over the world (including me, who has never even been in a relationship) feel the pain of a heartbreak. 

Harry Styles certainly outdid himself with this new album as he was able to put out incredible music while still being able to stray from his typical style. “Harry’s House” is a raw, vulnerable work of art that I recommend to anyone looking to experience a new style of music.

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