Diving into rising musical artists to stream

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With numerous musical artists nowadays, people may find it difficult to discover new music that suits their taste. Below are some musicians that are rising in popularity. 

  1. Ethel Cain

Ethel Cain is an American singer-songwriter who primarily makes alternative/indie/goth music. Her songs such as “Inbred” and “Sun bleached flies” focus on poverty, religion, death and trauma. Cain’s melodramatic beats and hard-hitting lyrics may be perfect for listening while in the car.  

  1. Cheryl 

Cheryl is a singer-songwriter and instrumentalist based in Hong Kong and America. Her music is typically calm and catchy with soft-sung lyrics and harmonized vocals. Some songs range from the rhythm and blues (R&B) genre to bedroom pop and indie. 

  1. Franz Gordon 

Franz Gordon is a pianist who composes soothing classical music. His music is typically slow with dramatic accents throughout the song. Gordon’s music is perfect for studying, reading and sleeping.

  1. The Rose

The Rose is a Korean rock band that focuses on making music in both the rock and K-pop genres. They include drum and guitar instrumentals in their songs, making them perfect for everyday listening.

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