“Expressions” website is finally published 

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The literary magazine class recently published the 2024 edition of the Expressions website, which was themed “Blurred,” after working on it through the third quarter. The website contains artwork from Scholastic art winners and poetry and prose pieces that won first place in the AHS literary fair in school. 

“We were all happy to press the “publish” button for the countless pages we’ve been working on for weeks,” senior Co-Editor in Chief Lindsay Cohen said. 

Inside the publication room 25310, during 7th period, the literary magazine students work together to meet their deadlines. 

The small class contains only four students, but do not underestimate their small staff, as they have not only published the online website but also are now diligently working on their print version so it can be bigger and more detailed than last year’s. The print version is scheduled to come out in the first weeks of April, and until then, they will look forward to pushing another “print” button. 

Visit the website here: https://ahsexpressions.com/ 

Visit the new edition of the Expressions website to view the student made product of various talented artists and writers work. (Photo/Expression’s Website)