Heritage breaks the internet, students break dress code

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At the end of last school year, this year’s seniors convened via Google Meets to vote on the Homecoming theme. Now, a pandemic later, students both virtual and in person are dressing up to the senior-voted days. March 1 through March 5, Heritage hosted its Clash of Classes week, featuring dress up days and extra activities. 

“We wanted to do as many activities everybody, the senior class in particular, could participate in. We hoped everyone would feel included in doing something together yet distance,” senior adviser Mrs. Krisyanda Cicos said. 

Monday, March 1: Heritage Breaks Grades

Like the first day of previous Homecoming weeks, students wore a shirt with their grade color, such as as seniors in red. Paired with jeans, the shirts all featured the same back design of the Patriot with the week theme, Heritage Breaks the Internet. 


Tuesday, March 2: Heritage Breaks the Alarm Clock

The second day, students were able to wake up a little later thanks to a shorter getting ready routine, wearing pajamas to school. “As [economics teacher] Mr. [Harry] Torres put it, ‘Today is not pajama day, it’s dress like your favorite distance learner day,” Mrs. Cicos said. 

Although advisers couldn’t host the powderpuff game due to Covid, they created a Tik Tok Challenge. Students and staff, such as the guidance counselors, submitted 30-second videos. 

Wednesday, March 3: Heritage Breaks the Screen

There were many imposters among us in the middle of the week, as students dressed up as their favorite movie or show character. Like previous years, senior advisers hosted a pizza party for seniors. Spaced out on the field adjacent to the new snack bar by the 2500 building, seniors received their own box of pizza with half a pie as the advisers played throwback 80s rock songs. 

Thursday, March 4: Heritage Breaks Social Media

Vine made a comeback this dress up day, as students dressed up as their favorite meme. Outfits included references to the Walmart yodeling kid and Kermit, as many older memes reappeared. At night, the Student Government Association (SGA) hosted an online DJ Night with PSAT tutor Lance Kohn. DJ Lance featured songs students submitted. 

Friday, March 5: Heritage Breaks School

Closing off the week, students celebrated school spirit in outfits of black and gold. Students of all grades decked out in gold tutus and spirit shirts. At night, SGA hosted a digital talent show.

As a senior, Kayla Rubenstein spends her fourth (and heartbreakingly final) year on staff as Online Editor-in-Chief, Business Manager and Social Media Correspondent. Wanting to make the most of her senior year, Kayla serves as the President of Quill and Scroll, Historian of Rho Kappa and Co-Historian of NHS, while also actively participating in EHS and SNHS. Outside of school, Kayla contributes to Mensa’s publications and volunteers with different organizations within her community. An avid reader, Kayla can often be found with her nose in a book when not working on an article for The Patriot Post or developing a project for iPatriot Post.

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