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The crisp of nature’s clean breath awakens it,

Wombed life flowers beneath.

Gusts whisper, clouds breathe,

Its chlorophyll plastered back shines. 

Stepping out slowly, 

It brings passion with every pound.

Apart of a motherly creation, 

It hatches organic enamel grins. 

Tethered fins of experiences, 

Its youth has been savored. 

Spotted eyelids, wrinkled skin, 

Its patterns tell ancient stories.

Ginormous in size, 

It’s kind in nature. 

A carefully curated creation, 

It gently roams. 

Honey seeps from leaves, 

Pollen glitters above, 

A resting stream drips, 

Dawn’s residue drops. 

Its new beginning starts —anew. 

Tortoises are the longest living animals, living up to 150 years. They preserve through the experiences of life. (Photo/Wikimedia Commons – Testudo Graeca)

Nicholas, a sophomore at American Heritage, is excited to write with the Patriot Post for a second year. With a passion for writing and science, he often creates poetry or performs science research. His favorite hobbies are listening to different kinds of music, collecting albums, and figure skating. Outside of writing-related activities, he participates actively in extracurriculars ranging from Dead Poet’s Society to Key Club to tennis. He hopes to positively impact others through writing by promoting creativity and inspiring future generations!