Heritage unveils new schedule

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Beginning this coming school year, Heritage will no longer have periods 8 or 9. Instead, the new schedule will include periods “5A” and “5B” and end with period 7.

The 2022-2023 school year will offer a new bell schedule with 7 periods rather than 9. Both junior high and senior high lunch will take place at the same times as the original schedule. Junior high lunch will be during period “5A” and senior high lunch will occur during “5B.” (Table/Irene John)

Scheduling coordinator Ms. Tammy Wagner explained that the new schedule is relatively the same. “Junior high will have periods 1-4 and then go to lunch and then have periods 5, 6 and 7. Senior high will have periods 1-5 and then go to lunch and then have periods 6 and 7,” she said. “Truthfully, nothing is changing other than calling it periods 8 and 9.”

Various students expressed their opinions on the switch. Sophomore Dylan Duenas is in favor of the new schedule. “Honestly the previous schedule felt a tad unbalanced having 5 periods in the morning and completely skipping 6 and 7. I like the idea of getting rid of 8 and 9,” he said.

Sophomore Caroline Christie, on the other hand, was less enthusiastic, stating “I preferred having periods 8 and 9 because I believe it made the schedule flow more easily. I’m not sure what to make of having 5A and 5B and I don’t think I will know until next year actually starts.” 

Freshmen Aubrey Caprara and Cristina Escardo feel indifferent about the switch. “I feel as if the schedule stayed pretty much the same, just with different names. I’m just glad they kept the 10 minutes in between periods,” Caprara said. Escardo added, “I think the change is pleasant because it doesn’t affect the schedule we are accustomed to too much. To me, the change doesn’t make much of a difference.”

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