Mother’s Day: the origin & importance

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Mothers play an important role in the very world we live in today. They constantly nurture us, holding our hands through every hardship we encounter. They are caregivers and healers — creating meaningful relationships by loving and teaching others. In modern times, Mother’s Day honors the difficulties of raising others with hard work and sacrifice. This widely celebrated holiday shows appreciation to all mothers across the globe. 

Originally, Mother’s Day began in the 1900s due to Anna Jarvis’ efforts to honor the sacrifices individual mothers made for their children. After the death of Ann Jarvis, Anna’s mother, in 1905, Anna founded the holiday to honor her mother through  Motherly traditions. One important tradition was the usage of white and red carnations on clothes, with white representing deceased mothers and red symbolizing living mothers. During Ann Jarvis’ lifetime, she  was an activist who organized social groups for women regarding health. 

However, as the traditional holiday became commercialized, it lost touch with Jarvis’ original intentions. Businesses capitalized on the idea of flowers and treats for all types of mothers, burying the authenticity of the day. Anna intended for Mother’s Day to represent a specific experience involving single, hard-working mothers who were recognized for their immense efforts, not a recognition for all mother’s worldwide. She stressed the importance of acknowledging the hardships of a mother on her own, diligently working to provide for themselves and their children while also working full-time. 

Nowadays, our era uses Mother’s day to show gratitude towards our mothers wherever they are. Some students are especially thankful for the holiday! 

“Mother’s Day is a heartfelt celebration of the woman who nurtured my dreams, wiped away my tears, and filled my world with unconditional love. It’s a day where I honor the guiding light who taught me the aspect of compassion, sacrifice, and hard work. Her presence, her sacrifices, and her unconditional support make every Mother’s Day a reminder of the profound depth of a mother’s love and my love for her,” freshman Sofia Chierra said. Chierra recognizes Mother’s Day as a reminder of her special bond with her mother. 

Ultimately, Mother’s Day recognizes the importance of mothers in our lives and how appreciating the efforts of their work matters. 

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