That’s a wrap: Thespians perform “Blithe Spirit”

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Bringing the comedic play, “Blithe the Spirit,” back to life, the Heritage thespians successfully told the story about a crime novelist Oct. 12-15. Written by Noël Coward, the play is about the writer Charles Condomine, who gets writer’s block and accidentally summons the spirit of his first wife, Oct. 12-15. 

The play follows Condomine as he gets stuck in a love triangle with his past and current wife. The humorous aspects of the comedic play reveal through the past wife’s jealousy and the bizarrity of the whole situation. The thespians were able to do an outstanding job reflecting this to the audience. 

In preparation for the play, the students put in their hard work and stayed for late hours after school to practice. 

Director Mr. Brett Scott led the read throughs for the script of “Blithe Spirit.” The read throughs assisted design faculty and mentors Ms. Julia LaVault, Ms. Maura Gergerich, Mrs. Moretto-Watkins and stage manager Peyton Barnett in designing their costumes and sets. Thespians were able to prepare and perform the play at the Black Box theater. 

“The first moment on stage on opening night is always so exciting,” senior Justin Gulbranson, who played Dr. Brandman said. “After learning all the lines, dialects and blocking, being able to perform it all is so rewarding.”

However, the students who were on stage were not the only stars of the play; behind the scenes, students in Mr. Dickey’s and Ms. LaVault’s technical theater classes helped install sets and hang light effects in the black box theater. Mr. Dickey’s students also worked on special effects, such as a book falling off a shelf, by building mechanisms that crew members would be able to manage at the back of the stage. 

Finally wrapping up “Blithe Spirit,” thespians are currently looking forward to their next play, “WORKING, A Musical!” which will take place Nov. 3-5 with a new cast. This upcoming play is about American workers and the dreams, hopes, disappointments and joys they face along the hardships of life.

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