Celebrating the High Honors Breakfast

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Each quarter, junior high and senior high students earn the opportunity to celebrate their academic standing through the High Honors breakfast. The meal is planned by American Heritage and the Parent Teacher Organization to reward students for earning a 4.33  or higher GPA. Students enjoyed various breakfast food items such as fruit, sandwiches, glazed donuts, sausages and fruit juice. Grades 7 and 8 celebrated the event during 1st hour (7:45 AM – 8:45 AM); grades 9 and 10 ate from 8:55 AM – 9:45 AM; and grades 11 and 12 ate from 9:55 AM – 10:45 AM.

Junior and senior high students were able to choose from various breakfast foods near the tennis courts by the 7000 building. “I loved the glazed donut the most. It was sweet, moist and soft — a perfect dessert,” sophomore Yevanhelina Porokhniava-Hetman said. The Parent Teacher Organization worked to organize a plethora of tasty breakfast foods ranging from sweet to savory flavors. Parents volunteered to distribute the food items. (Photos/Dongmei Zhang)

Students were able to interact with their classmates and enjoy the 50-minute break. “The high honors breakfast provided me with a well-deserved break,” sophomore Abrianna Yu said. The breakfast allowed students to relax from their busy schedules. (Photos/Nicholas Kwok)

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