Minecraft YouTuber ”Dream” reveals his face

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In his “big reveal” premiere video on YouTube, Dream racked up over 1.5 million live viewers at its peak. (Photo/Dream)

The wait is over. Dream, the most popular Minecraft streamer of the past two years, has finally done a face reveal.

Dream, or Clay, is the 23-year-old gaming influencer that has occupied every kid’s YouTube home page at least once since the pandemic started. He grew in popularity during the quarantine as kids and teens found comfort in his videos and streams during isolated times. In just three years, he has amassed 30 million YouTube subscribers and two billion views. 

Dream is most known for his record-breaking Minecraft speedruns — challenges in which he completes the whole Minecraft game by defeating the Ender Dragon at the very end within a certain amount of time— 22 minutes. However, the legitimacy of his “runs” are disputed, thus leaving lots of controversy in the community. In 2021, he admitted that he cheated by accident due to an in-game modification he used to help him stream. His most popular YouTube videos are “Man Hunts” in which he and a few friends such as Sapnap and Georgenotfound chase him and try to kill him before he’s able to finish the game. Usually, these types of videos include tension building music and parkour tricks in order to give it an action-movie-feel.

This picture is one of the first teases he started off the reveal with. (Photo/Dream)

Through the billions of views, though, he’s kept his face completely hidden from fans. Oftentimes, Dream would hint at potential face reveal opportunities such as in Mr. Beast’s 2020 YouTube Rewind, but never actually do it. Instead, he would keep his mask on, the one that depicts his signature smiley face. This weekend, he announced he would be revealing to his friends and then his audience. He even made a few teases on his Snapchat story with filters and digital drawing features.

But now that all has been unveiled, here’s what students have to say:

“He looks way different than what I expected, but I was pleasantly surprised,” said sophomore Iris Fan. 

“I don’t know much about Dream, but I refreshed Twitter a few times anyway—he looks sort of eerie to me,” said junior Malcolm Owusu.

Fans were elated to finally see the man that has put smiles on their faces.

After about a minute of stalling, he finally unveiled his biggest secret. (Photo/Dream)

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