Orchestra concert closes winter concert series

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Bringing the winter concerts to a close, Orchestra took to the stage Dec. 12. Following a Christmas theme, the orchestra concert featured two pieces conducted by students, “Ose Shalom” by senior co-conductor Joey Balem and a collection of pieces from “The Prince of Egypt” by junior co-conductor Pierre Younes, as well as a symphonic collaboration with members from band. 

“Before we perform, we are able to watch every other level [of orchestra] perform and appreciate just how much we have grown since we started playing. Going up to the stage and performing is an amazing experience and has never grown old for me,” Balem said. “As a senior, performances bring up memories of my years of playing with, spending time with and performing with other musicians. These years have brought us really close together and this penultimate performance is a bittersweet reminder of all of those good times and of how they are coming to a close.”

(Photos by Bella Ramirez)

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