Selena Gomez provides vulnerable insight with new documentary

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“I don’t usually watch celebrity documentaries, but I’m excited to see this one because I grew up watching her and the documentary has gained a reputation for being realistic and working against the stigma of mental health,” senior Sofia Toledo said. (Photo/Apple Tv+)

Known for her work on Disney channel and her successful music career, American actress and singer Selena Gomez exposes the horrors that come with fame through her documentary “My Mind & Me,” released to Apple Tv+ Nov. 4.

Director Alek Keshishian captures Gomez’s personal struggles with bipolar disorder, lupus and being in the public eye. The documentary tells the story of a girl in the process of recovering while trying to heal other people as well, all while she maintains a career in the spotlight.

Growing up watching Gomez through her Disney days, music career and the drama associated with her infamous relationship with singer Justin Beiber, most of us closely saw Gomez progress into stardom. The documentary provides personal insight into how she struggled with mental illness and managing a public career. One of the turning points of the documentary shows Gomez crying backstage at one of her concerts about letting go of her child-star image and making it out on her own as a solo artist. 

Gomez continues to feel gratitude towards all the people in her life who brought her to where she is today. In the documentary, she takes a trip to Grand Prairie, Texas, where she visits her childhood home, reunites with neighbors and reminisces about her childhood and memories she’s shared with her family. Gomez illustrates how her career and fame doesn’t provide her the genuine connection she looks for and aims for in her future philanthropy endeavors. 

The documentary overall, showcases Gomez’s vulnerability and transparency about the challenges she’s gone through in her career and her life. To viewers who have seen her grow up through Disney channel and remain fans of her music, this documentary allows us to better understand Gomez. She opened herself up to her fans overall expressing the message that no matter what you have endured, you can always keep going. 

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